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New FALL BASICS In My Wardrobe

2:06 PMLina

F A U X    L E A T H E R    J A C K E T

I'm forever in love with this jacket. I must admit it took me like 2 years to find the perfect faux leather jacket but I think it was worth waiting for. It was also a bargain for only 20 dollars in Forever 21

L A C E    B R A

I've wanted a bra with a thick strap like this for so long. I think it looks super feminine and elegant and its also very comfy. I bought this one in New York CIty in H&M.

L A R G E    D A R K    B L U E    S C A R F

 I just looooove big scarves! They are a must-have for fall (or at least for us in the central Europe). The winters here get quite cold especially in the mountains. I also like about these that they are quite versatile pieces. You can easily fit them in a bag and just wrap yourself in them whenever you feel cold. You can put them over your head when its windy or just simply wrap many layers around your neck to make sure you're cozy. This one is from Forever 21 and was only for 5 dollars! I went for this super dark blue one, because a) its my favorite color and b) I wanted to add a little bit of color to my all-black outfits.

 T H I C K    T O P    W I T H     L O N G     S L E E V E S

Forever 21

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul. Also as I changed the name of my blog I had to make a new bloglovin account and unfortunatelly all my followers are gone. So if you'd like to then you can follow me there as well as on my new instagram - Linawearsblack. Thank you and let me know what you think of these new pieces.

x Lina

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