Fishtail and Breakfasts in Bed

2:36 PMLina

Good morning everyone! I'm in a great mood today. Finals are over and I get to stay home for almost 2 weeks. So far I passed all of them and I'm still waiting for my grade from psychology. Anyways I decided that on my day off I'll start days with a nice breakfast in bed. In the future I'd like to include more fresh fruits but since I didn't have any at home I just had oats, nuts and dried berries with soy milk and then of course an apple juice and my favorite black coffee. I'm obsessed with that tray and I'm glad I finally found a good use for it. I think this is a great routine for starting your day when you don't really have to quickly get up and get ready. How do you start your lazy days? 

aaaand this awesome braid that I made a couple days ago before I went to have a lunch with my parents. 


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  1. oh yeah that tray is so cool. I need a tray for eating in bed :D

  2. i love fishtail braid too :3 i like doing it on my hair :))
    also, delish looking breakfast! :">

    xoxo, rae



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