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10:12 AMLina

Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted but I'm finally in a place where I can say that I'm back and I'll be posting as often as possible. I was thinking that an ideal "I'm back post" could be about my current favorites, to get back on the track and show you what products I've been enjoying while I wasn't posting anything. 

With the current issues we all feel Parisian no matter where we live. I bought this book about 6 months ago and since then I find myself constantly coming back to it and looking for ideas and inspiration. Even though I read the whole book already I think it's a great book to have lying around your apartment, especially if you love that Parisian style as much as me. The hand cream is by a czech brand Dermacol and I mainly love it so much because of the smell. Obviously it smells like cherries, but not the annoyingly sweet smell. I already talked about the Naked palette in the previous posts. I don't think I'll ever use a different eye shadow palette.

The White Tea candle is made of soy, which I bought because I prefer soy candles if I'm give the choice. But I was really impressed with the amazing smell. I also feel that these candles last for way longer than normal ones. I've had it for a month and burn it almost every day. Also I'm sure we all love EOS lip balms. I've had this one for such a long time and I still love it. One of my more recent favorites is the Argan oil, which is amazing for skin as well as for hair. I mostly use it as a moisturizer. 

Oversized jumper from Lindex which I adore especially when it gets cold. The turtle neck keeps me really warm and I just overall feel so cozy like if I was wearing a soft blanket. I hope you are all well and let me know what are your fall favorites.


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