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Wardrobe essentials - The Statement Coat

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Hello everyone. About two weeks ago I posted a list of my wardrobe essentials. The most weather-relevant piece from my list is a coat, so today I'll show you mine. Because most of us own more than just one coat I think that one of them should be a statement item. Meaning it will be the main focus of your outfit while the rest of your clothes remains basic. I picked this trench coat. It is structured and makes every outfit appear smart, while still remaining effortless.

It can be dressed up or down. When you button it up you get more formal look while if it just hangs lose and waves around as you walk it gives it that effortless feel. My favorite thing about this coat is that it goes with skirts, dresses, and pants and it makes you look put together without trying.

What kind of coat do you guys consider your "statement coat"? 
Hugs. Lina

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  1. This coat looks like a great go-to piece for heading out in, I've been reaching for my black fur-collared one by Zara lately - it's just such an easy throw-on item of clothing! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  2. Love this grey trench! A trench is definitely a good wardrobe staple to have, it goes with so much and can be worn over layers for winter or as a light coat for the warmer months. Versatility at its finest, and makes a fabulous statement! Xx

  3. This is very interesting content ! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your points and have come to the conclusion that you are right about many of them. You are great.



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