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This is not your traditional wishlist in which you tend to purchase the items from in less than a month. This is my "long term wishlist" for hopefully the year of 2016, but maybe even longer than that. Two main reasons for that. My puppy Maya and studying at a university make it nearly impossible for me to have a part-time job so saving money is pretty hard under these circumstances. Second reason is minimalism. I only try to buy items I need, I love, and I'm gonna use for a really long time. With these reasons in mind I created this wishlist of items I truly want and it will require a lot of motivation to save up throughout the whole year of 2016. But hey.. there is nothing better than the feeling after you accomplish your goal. Purchasing these three items is now on the list of my goals. Why?

New Macbook Air. I'm a happy owner of one right now.. unfortunately mine is nearly 5 years old, which makes him a grandpa among laptops and I think I should just let it go and save myself the trouble of being suddenly stuck with an old broken laptop.. as I use it every day of my life. Plus the marble case is a must-have. I mean.. not really.. Apple's designs are gorgeous as they are. But I might purchase this beauty just to add a nice touch to the desk.

Antigona Shoppers Tote. I freaking love Givenchy's bags and this one in particular captured my attention when I was looking for a new tote to invest in. Being a student, totes are the perfect kind of bags for me and I just know that this one will last years and years (unlike my tote from H&M that's literally falling apart).

Frends headphones. Finding comfortable and nice looking headphones seems like an impossible task for me. I don't know if my ears are shaped weird, but nothing seems to fit or look right. I spend about two hours each day traveling by public transport and on the weekends even more.. visiting relatives or new places around Czech Republic. Then of course spending countless hours at the airport or on the plane, going back and forth between the US and Czech Republic while visiting my boyfriend's family. After searching the web through and through Frends Layla seem like a great and fashionable solution to all my traveling "problems". :)

What is your investment piece you're currently saving up for? Or you're not a fan of saving up? Let me know in the comments :)
Lina xx

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